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With 200 amp hours, this workhorse will run a refrigerator, computer, tv and some lights for up to 40 hours.
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Over half the country is either overweight or obese. Most of these people have tried at least four or five diets and instead of losing weight they are now heavier than they were before they started dieting.

One of the newest weight loss programs that seems to eliminate the yo-yo diet effect is a low-calorie diet program called the hcg diet in conjunction with hCG Drops such as hCG Body Shaper, which contains real hcg. Thousands of people have tried the program and claim it is the best weight loss program they have ever tried.

There seems to be a split in the medical field. Many doctors warn against the program because of the low calorie intake while other doctors are claiming their patients are beating high blood pressure and diabetes with the program. The one thing that seems consistent between the doctors that promote the program is that patients should either use the injectable product with a prescription or order an hcg drops product that contains real hcg. (Homeopathic hcg does not contain any hCG)

Even though there are doctors that warn against using a low calorie diet with hCG, there seems to be an ever increasing number of doctors that promote it. The concerns of some are that 500 calories does not provide enough protein and carbohydrates to sustain the body for a long period of time. Some have admitted that a short -term program would probably not cause serious health issues, and other doctors that are monitoring their patients say they are perfectly healthy using the program

One of the newest weight loss programs has been the Green Coffee Bean program. However, many people that have tried it say it does not work as well as hCG Body Shaper.